Organic Seedlings For Sale

Trish at Greenhouse


Every spring, NCOF raises high-quality, certified-organic vegetable and flower seedlings for sale to the general public. At the Farm we purchase only nontreated seeds and whenever possible organically raised seeds. All of the seeds that we choose are picked for their performance and reliability for growing in our northern climate. Our seedlings are grown in our own compost/soil mix, and nurtured in our solar greenhouses. This provides our seedlings with the proper nutrients to develop strong roots and stems. All of our seedlings are hardened off and ready for planting in your garden.


Please visit our market stand to see what's for sale.


Pre Orders


2016 Seedling Pre Orders are over for the year; please visit our market stand

to see what's for sale

Pre orders will be filled in the order in which they are received. Orders must be postmarked by Friday, April 29. Minimum order is $25. Occasionally crops fail. If we have to substitute for one of your orders, we will let you know. Seedling pick up is on Thursday, May 5, 9 AM-6 PM.

NCOF members AT a level of $50 or more receive 20% off their seedling pre-orders!
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