School Programs at the Farm

The Natick Community Organic Farm is a non-profit, certified organic farm providing productive open space, farm products, and hands-on education for all ages, year-round. The Farm has been committed to offering programs to schools to enhance classroom learning for over 20 years. Our programs are aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks in order to come alongside school educators as an enrichment resource. This historic Farm, in the midst of a suburban landscape, provides a unique opportunity for local school children to connect with the abundant knowledge needed for producing the food that fuels us. All of our programs allow students the opportunity to participate in and observe activities that are part of a working, productive farm. Our programs bring classroom subjects to life, connecting learning with the varied ecological community of which we are all a part. The Farm is an exciting laboratory for understanding and appreciating our interconnected world.

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Preschool Programs our animals...harvest with us...enjoy the open space

Elementary School Programs
ecological cycles...plants...soil...bugs...geology... shearing...sugaring... animals...birds

Middle and High School Programs
...ecological cycles....environmental studies...nutrition

Community Service
...a place to work...within a community for a community

College Community Service and Work Study
...working side by side to support our mission...a community
dedicated to sustainability