Young Farmers


Young Farmers discover that though small they can make a big difference on the farm. We challenge our students to jump in and try new things like entering an animal enclosure to improve the pasture, pushing a wheelbarrow for the first time, or eating a salad they picked themselves! At the end of a week spent caring for the animals, minding their very own garden, and roaming the grounds, Young Farmers leave feeling like they belong on the Farm.

Who: Ages 6 to 7

When: June 20th - August 25th; weekly sessions run Monday through Thursday
Times: (A) 9am - 12pm or (B) 1pm - 4pm. Please do not sign up for both sessions in a single week
Fee: $168.00 per week for members, $204.00 per week for non-members


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What does a Young Farmer do?


Syrup bucket bonanza!

  • One of the most regular ways Young Farmers contribute to the work of the farm is by cleaning and storing our sugaring buckets. Everyone loves syrup on their pancakes and Young Farmers get the chance to be part of the pan-season story of syrup. There is no better job on a hot day than cooling down while hosing down the buckets (and sometimes the kids!) before scrubbing them out and setting them to dry. When Young Farmers return the next day to finish their job and put the buckets away, they have fun working together and find satisfaction in completing a job so big it took two days to finish.

Farm Journals!

  • Armed with papers, string, and a sturdy stick for a spine, each Young Farmer builds their own journal to set down their observations, thoughts, and activities at the end of the day. Sometimes it’s a picture, sometimes a story, sometimes just a few words. Whatever a Young Farmer decides to record it is a mark of their growing ability to interact and engage with their world in new and meaningful ways and they are always a treat to read.

Animal Projects!

  • While every age group interacts with the animals, the Young Farmers are often called on to do actually work closely with the creatures. One highlight from this past summer was a rock collection in the piglet pasture. Loose stones turn ankles but make great drainage anchors for fence posts and the pigs are constantly digging them up. Enter the Young Farmers, gathering up stones for the Teen Work Crew to use and meeting curious piglets in the process! Who knew that piglets enjoy a good back scratching?

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