Junior Working Farmers


The Junior Working Farmer program is for kids ready to have fun while doing good work. This can-do team and the work they do touches all aspects of farm life. One day they are carpenters, fixing a sticky gate. The next day they might be engineers finding the gradient for a storm drain. And everyday they curate and polish market stand. Each day brings something exciting and new, new problems to solve, new opportunities for creativity. The Junior Working Farmers is a great chance for kids to excel in farm projects and get a better, dirtier, view of where our food comes from!

New this year: the JWF will run a full five days, Monday morning through Friday morning


Who: Ages 10 and 11


When: Monday through Friday, from June 15 to August 20th

Times:The JWF run in the mornings from 8:30am to 12pm


Cost: $230 per week as a member, $280 per week as a non-member


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What kinds of things does a Junior Working Farmer do?

> Market Stand tidying

> Grain barrel refilling

> Hay stacking

> Weeding and cultivation

> Pea and bean harvesting

> Wood stacking

> Mulch moving


For any and all program related questions, please contact Jon Young.


Register Here!
Priority Registration for members with a membership of $100 or greater begins January 15th, and goes until March 15th.