Growing Farmers

Growing Farmers are ready to be part of the farm. Whether it’s making some mint tea after weeding a fence line, singing a song while stacking some wood, or holding the second annual Forest Stream Regatta, these youngsters experience the breadth and depth of farm life. Through work, through play, Growing Farmers discover what they can do, learn, and become in the wild potential of nature. These guys get their hands dirty turning the Farm into their classroom, stage, and playground.


Who: Ages 8 and 9

When: Monday through Thursday, June 15th to August 25th. We offer Morning (A) and Afternoon (B) sessions

Times: Morning sessions are 8:30am to 12pm while afternoon sessions are 1pm to 4:30pm. Please do not sign up for both A and B sessions within the same week

Fee: $196.00 per week for members, $238.00 per week for non-members.


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What does a growing farmer do?:


    Goat Cheese!

    The Growing Farmers are at an age where they can and should take real pride in a job well done. One of the highlights this past summer was the weekly Growing Farmer goat cheese tasting. While most programs experiment with goat cheese, the Growing Farmers elevate it to an artform. Experimenting with different seasonings, the team takes their cheese around the farm in triumphant procession for all to try.


    24 Hour pickles are a fun way for Growing Farmers to experiment with food while practicing food preparation and preservation. Armed with a basic understanding of how pickling works and some model recipes our students try out their own mixtures using dill and garlic grown here on the farm. During the process Growing Farmers think about why preservation by pickling was important historically and why it is important to us today.

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For any and all program related questions, please contact Jon Young.