Forest Explorers


With the Forest Explorers, children discover the woods as a place of magic and make-believe through song, play, and storytelling. What’s behind that tree? What’s under that rock? What’s around the trailbend? These questions, when infused with a sense of adventure, make each day a truly epic day in the woods. Build a fort, bake a mud-pie, make a leaf collage, or splash in the pond. Each week, the Forest Explorers fill the woods with wonder and laughter. Join us for an unforgettable summer! 


All new this summer: The forest Explorers will run for Four Days, Monday through Thursday!


Who: Children age 3.5 to 5. All Forest Explorers must be potty trained and be 3.5 or older.

When: Forest Explorers meet Monday through Thursdays from June 20th to August 25th.
Times: The Forest Explorers meet from 9am to 12pm.


All Forest Explorers must be potty trained and must be 3.5 or older as of June 20th.

Fee: $168 per week for members and $204 per week for non-members


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A Typical Day:


  • Circle Time: Start the day with an opening song to greet each other and the Forest. Whether a few minutes or a more extensive welcome, the opening circle helps orient the Explorers to the adventure they are about to embark on, to the story they are about to become a part of.

    Nature Exploration: Go for a hike along the aqueduct or look for animal tracks. Every day there is something new to discover! Here children learn with their hands, their eyes, and their ears, observing the wild world around them.

    Art Project: From head dresses to face paint to faerie puppets, the theatre of the mind is brought to life during craft time. This guided activity helps give substance to the imaginative world building our Forest Explorers are already doing.

    Snack Time: Gather round the table and have a snack in the sunshine

    Free Play: During this time, the Forest becomes the playground and kids follow their fancy. Balance beams, forts, swings, blocks and logs, rocks and leaves- anything and everything becomes the building blocks of the imagination.

    Story time: A selected tale about a forest creature or a piece of mythology help broaden their imaginative vocabulary, as well as more thoroughly engage verbal and auditory learners.

    Closing Circle: Wrap up the day with a song and farewell, thankful for the day past and looking forward to tomorrow!


Please have your child dressed in a lightweight long-sleeve shirt and long pants, sturdy shoes and socks. Hats are recommended. If you would like to apply sunscreen and /or bug repellent, please do so at home. Please pack a healthy snack and a re-usable water bottle along with a change of clothes in a backpack your child can easily carry.


All Forest Explorers must be potty trained and be 3.5 or older as of June 20th.


For any and all program related questions, please contact Jon Young.


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Priority registration for the Forest Explorers will open for members at the $100 level on January 15th and continue until March 15th.