Budding Farmers


The day of a Budding Farmer is filled with exploration and imagination. As our youngest group on the farm, Budding Farmers discover this fascinating place with all five senses. Children dance their way through the lifecycle of a chicken, taste a variety of vegetables for the first time, listen like bunnies in a rabbit circle, and feel the rough tongue of the cow licking grain from their hands. Guided by intrepid naturalist-agrarian educators, expect your child to build their powers of observation while immersing themselves in the farm landscape. So get your mud boots on and get ready to make friends with a goat, rescue some lost chickens, and find life all around the farm!

Who: Ages 4 and 5

When: June 20th - August 25th. Weekly sessions run Monday through Thursday
Times: (A) 9pm to 12pm or (B) 1pm to 4pm. Please do not sign up for both A and B sessions in the same week
Fee: $168.00 per week for members, $204.00 per week for non-members


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What kinds of things does a Budding Farmer do?

    Scavenger hunts!

    • To awaken budding farmers awareness to all the life around them, teachers challenge their charges to use their eyes, ears, and noses to notice all manner of things while out and about on the farm. From spot the manure to chicken bingo, children are constantly discovering the details in the natural world. Whether travelling, playing, lingering, or singing, this observational routine helps fully engage young minds in the life of the farm.


    Pond Exploration!

    • The Pond is a magical place for all youngsters, holding the mystery and the excitement of what might be found in its depths. Armed with high boots and long nets, Budding Farmers discover frogs and insects of all shapes and sizes while learning about the water cycle and food webs and the connectedness of life. No week is complete without a trip to the pond!


    Story Time!

    • Although many of our programs use stories in all kinds of ways they are particularly important for the Budding Farmer. After a busy day running about the farm, feeding the animals, and squashing potato beetles, returning to the circle for a story allows our tired farmers a chance to rest and re-imagine their day.  

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For any and all program related questions, please contact Jon Young at Jon@natickfarm.org