Winter 2017 Children's Programs

School Age Programs

Afterschool farmers - Grades K-4

This program will involve students in our everyday Farm operations, from animal chores to maple sugaring. Memorial School students will be walked over from school by Farm staff. Please indicate that your child is coming from Memorial in the "Notes" section of the online registration. No program on Natick Early Release Days.

Session 01A Mon Feb 6-Apr 3 3:15-4:45pm $204 NM/$168 M

Session 01B Mon Feb 6-Apr 3 3:15-5:15pm $256 NM/$224 M

Session 02A Mon Jan 31-Mar 28 3:15-4:45pm $204 NM/$168 M

Session 02B Mon Jan 31-Mar 28 3:15-5:15pm $256 NM/$224 M

Session 03A Mon Jan 19-Mar 16 3:15-4:45pm $204 NM/$168 M

Session 03B Mon Jan 19-Mar 16 3:15-5:15pm $256 NM/$224 M


home schooling and farming at ncof - Ages 5-10
Please join us for a year-round, hands-on program that involves children in our everyday Farming operations, like maple sugaring, starting seeds in the greenhouse, and transplanting them into the vegetable gardens.We will start every morning with animal chores. Over the course of the year, children will develop deep insight into farmwork, and for where food comes from.

Session 03 Tues Jan 10-Mar 21 9:00am-12:00pm $480 NM/$390 M

February Vacation Programs
Experience the Farm in winter. Care for the animals, enjoy the warmth of the greenhouse, learn winter crafts, make yummy treats and explore winter inthe woods. You'll be part of the opening maple sugaring season. Help tap the sugar maples if the weather is right.

Session 01 Tue-Fri Feb 21-24 8:30am-12:00pm $238 NM/$196 M

Session 02 Tue-Fri Feb 21-24 1:00pm-4:30pm $238 NM/$196 M


Middle Schoool students are invited to join the Farm staff during February Vacation to work in the greenhouses, caring for animals and help with maintenance. Students will be involved in the early stages of our maple sugaring operation.
Session 01 Tue-Fri Feb 21-24 8:30am-12:00pm $238 NM/$196 M

Session 02 Tue-Fri Feb 21-24 1:00pm-4:30pm $238 NM/$196 M


All registration takes place online. If you have any questions, please email Heather. Thanks!

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