Fall 2017 Adult Programs



book discussion group

Come and discuss titles related to sustainable living in a mutually supportive and encouraging atmosphere.  Join us for all four thought-provoking sessions, or select a discussion or two of particular interest. Different viewpoints are welcome. Please note the change in location to Christ Lutheran Church, 13 Union St, Natick. To preregister, please call or email convener Melissa Kenny Probst 508-904-9246; sweetsuds@zoho.com


02 Wed Oct 11 7:00-9:00 pm free
Draw Down: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, Paul Hawken


“At this point in time, the Drawdown book is exactly what is needed; a credible, conservative solution-by-solution narrative that we can do it. Reading it is an effective inoculation against the widespread perception of doom that humanity cannot and will not solve the climate crisis. Reported by-effects include increased determination and a sense of grounded hope.”—Per Espen Stoknes, Author, What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming on Amazon

03 Nov 8 7:00-9:00 pm free
1491: New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus, Charles C. Mann

"Contrary to what so many Americans learn in school, the pre-Columbian Indians were not sparsely settled in a pristine wilderness; rather, there were huge numbers of Indians who actively molded and influenced the land around them...Indeed, Indians were not living lightly on the land but were landscaping and manipulating their world in ways that we are only now beginning to understand. Challenging and surprising, this a transformative new look at a rich and fascinating world we only thought we knew."--Amazon


04 Dec 6 7:00-9:00 pm free
The Violence of Climate Change: Lessons of Resistance from Nonviolent Activists, Kevin J O'Brien

"... Kevin J. O'Brien argues that we should respond to climate change first and foremost as a case of systematic and structural violence. Global warming is largely caused by the carbon emissions of the affluent, emissions that harm the poor first and worst. Climate change is violence because it divides human beings from one another and from the earth.

O'Brien offers a constructive and creative response to this violence through practical examples of activism and nonviolent peacemaking, providing brief biographies of five Christians in the United States ― John Woolman, Jane Addams, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King Jr., and Cesar Chavez. These activists' idealism, social commitment, and political savvy offer lessons of resistance applicable to the struggle against climate change and for social justice."--Georgetown University Press

field to vase workshop (ages 16+)

Make your own arrangement from our organic blooms! Class included a tour of the fields, tips for growing and harvesting cut flowers, excellent materials, and expert design help if you need it. Ideal for home gardeners, beginning flower farmers, and florists.

01 Thur, Sep 28, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm $40NM/$32 M includes materials

All registration takes place online



We will create and cook together using fresh seasonal ingredients from the Farm. 
01 Thur, Oct 5 7-8:30pm $38NM/$30M

All registration takes place online



Consuming foods that support the immune system can be vital in the process of recovering from Lyme. Learn how to support the body in the healing process by nourishing yourself with the proper nutrients. 
01 Thur, Oct 12 7-8:30pm $38NM/$30M

All registration takes place online



Not sure about changing your diet, or why you should? Come learn about different ways of eating and the benefits to your health
01 Thur, Oct 19 7-8:30pm $38NM/$30M

All registration takes place online


Myth: Saturated fat is bad for you. Fact: Saturated fat heals and balances the body. Learn why you should include foods like butter and coconut oil in your diet. We will learn how eating these foods can lead to a leaner, healthier body.
01 Thur, Oct 26 7-8:30pm $38NM/$30M

All registration takes place online


Come down to the Farm to experience a four week cooking class. The topics covered are: Farm Cooking with Heidi Giuliano; Healing Lyme - Using Foods as Medicine; GAPS, Paleo, Gluten-Free and Beyond; Eat FAT; Be Healthy. There is a discounted fee for taking all four classes.
01-04, Thur, Oct 5-26 7-8:30pm $132M/$106NM

All registration takes place online


soapmaking 101 (ages 14+)

Come and discover how soap is made. Learn about different carrier oils, essential oils, and other soap ingredients, along with safety guidelines for working with lye. Join in making a fresh batch of soap, as a class, using the traditional cold process method. Explore the value of using natural ingredients, in contrast to the chemical additives found in commercial soap products. Develop confidence to try soap making on your own at home! All materials and equipment provided. Each participant will take home close to a pound of natural handmade soap, just in time for holiday gift-giving! Please dress for mess, preferably with long sleeves and closed shoes. And please bring an old towel to insulate your fresh block of soap. Taught by soap maker Melissa Probst at NCOF.  To register, please call or email Melissa at 508-904-9246; sweetsuds@zoho.com

01 Sat, Nov 11 1:00-5:00 pm $65 includes materials



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