Board of Directors



  • * Be an advocate and spokesperson for NCOF in accordance with the mission and organizational goals.
  • * Attend all board meetings, regularly scheduled on 3rd Tuesday night of each month.
  • * Serve a three-year term, with the option of additional terms at the discretion of the board.
  • * Stay informed about board and committee matters, prepare well for meetings, review and comment on minutes and reports in a timely manner.
  • * Participate actively in at least one board committee.  This may include an additional 2-5 hours of committee work and/or meetings between monthly board meetings.  
  • * Work within board committees to ensure that NCOF’s activities are consistent with its mission.
  • * Build a collegial working relationship with other board members and NCOF staff in order to contribute to consensus by following meeting norms.
  • * Participate in board and farm fundraising initiatives.
  • * When appropriate, identify and cultivate relationships with donors, volunteers, and advocates.
  • * Ensure fiscal, legal and ethical integrity of NCOF.
  • * Be aware of skills and experiences needed on a balanced board in order to help recruit board members.
  • * As a new board member, attend a board orientation.
  • * As a board, assume responsibility for hiring, monitoring, advising, supporting, evaluating, and, if necessary, releasing the executive director, consistent with Town of Natick guidelines.
  • * Complete the annual evaluation of the executive director.
  • * Complete the annual board self-evaluation.
  • * Accept and support board decisions. Once a decision has been made, the board speaks with one voice.
  • * Recognize that authority is vested in the board as a whole. A board member who learns of an issue of importance to the organization has the obligation to bring it to the executive director or to the board president and must refrain from responding to the situation individually.
  • * Guard against conflict of interest, whether personal or business related.
  • * Understand that the board sets policies and focuses on long range and strategic issues. An individual board member should not become directly involved in specific management, personnel, or program issues.
  • * Keep all board deliberations and documents confidential.
  • * Maintain current NCOF membership and make a stretch contribution to the Annual Appeal.  Additionally, members are expected to purchase tickets to the Harvest Dinner and raffle tickets for Maple Magic Day raffle.





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What areas of expertise can you offer NCOF?


What excites you about joining the NCOF BOD?


What makes you ‘Willing and Able’ at this point in your life?


In what other community activities have you participated?


What else would you like us to know about you?


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Please return this application & a current resume (if available) to: NCOF Governance Committee,
Devon Long-Lytle


Thank you for your interest in the NCOF Board of Directors.

The Governance Committee will contact you soon.